Samoa signed in 1981 a regional agreement which is a non-reciprocal trade agreement under which New Zealand and Australia offer duty-free and unrestricted access to virtually all products originating from Samoa and other Pacific Island Countries (SPARTECA). In addition Samoa signed in 2003 a free trade multi-lateral agreement (PICTA) with Pacific Island countries excluding New-Zealand and Australia. The aim is to remove tariff on most goods by 2021, excluding alcohol and tobacco related products. Samoa officially became the 155th Member of the WTO on the 10th May 2012. However support is still needed to implement WTO provisions and gain competitiveness on the international and regional market. The objective of the mission was to conduct an assessment for the imeplementation of the legal metrology bill in Samoa and to provide recommendation and advisory services to support the implementation of the action plan which was defined.

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