The overall aim of the assignment was to assist DEVCO.C4 in the organisation and delivery of the training programme on Trade and Private Sector Development (TPSD) for EU staff, both at Headquarters and in Delegations in third countries with a view to enabling the Commission to improve the quality and effectiveness of its external assistance in the field of TRA and PSD. The specific content of the training events were agreed in advance of the events covered, inter alia, the following areas: A. Basic concepts in TPSD and the link with poverty reduction B. The EU policy framework, including the EU market access regimes (MFN, EBA, GSP, EPAs, FTAs etc), the Agenda for Change and the EU commitments in the area of Aid for Trade. This section also highlights the importance of close coordination between DG TRADE, DG SANCO and DG DEVCO, both at headquarters and in Delegations, with a view of ensuring/enhancing policy coherence. C. Means and tools to address Private Sector Development and Aid for Trade issues at the different stages of the project cycle: the needs assessments (e.g. the use of the Enhanced Integrated Framework, pro-poor value chain analysis, other analytical tools), the choice of the aid delivery modality (budget support, project support etc), the design of indicators and monitoring and evaluation. D. Presentation of key TPSD areas of intervention, including business enabling environment, business development services, trade facilitation, access to finance, quality infrastructure/SPS/TBT and the integration of selected cross-cutting issues. Presentation of relevant case studies. The module on SPS will be delivered in coordination with DG SANCO. E. EU support to regional integration: objectives and areas of intervention. F. Presentation of the TPSD reference document and DEVCO.C4 services.

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