In the East African Community Quality Programme, UNIDO implemented the Trade Capacity Building Project (TCB) on Agro-Industry, oriented to strengthen the capacities of public bodies in terms of quality, productivity, safety, health and environmental issues and to enhance the capacity of enterprises to produce according to international market requirements. The second phase of the programme TCB in Ghana being implemented in conjunction with the Government of Ghana is funded by the Swiss Government through its State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO). The Trade Capacity Building Project is supporting Ghana's trade and export sector to link key export products such as fruits and vegetables, fish, wood and cocoa to international markets. It also aims to improve the country's conformity assessment institutions to enable them provide best services in the area of standardization, testing, certification and inspection to ensure that export products meet the expected quality standards. The objective of this project was to prepare a value chain analysis of the Ghanaian fishery sector with focus on quality, environmental, social, sustainability, food safety, organic standards and regulations and the capacity to comply. The value chain analysis included: a) document the path by which fishery products are produced in Ghana and travel to the international consumer plate; b) identify the quality management/control, environmental, social, sustainable, food safety, and organic standards, requirement, regulations and issues along the value chain and the provision of local services conformity assessment delivery capacity (including standards development, inspection, testing, metrology, certification, accreditation and regulatory functions); c) identify leverage points within the export value chain that have potential to streamline the value chain by tackling quality management/control, hygiene, and sustainability issues. A team of three consultants was involved in the implementation of this project: an international fishery expert, an expert on sanitary conditions of fishery products and a national fishery expert.

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