The Directorate General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission required the organisation of a specific training programme on HACCP-based systems and their control by National Competent Authorities in EU Member States The aim of the course is to develop the ability of control officials in the food sector to perform audits verifying the proper implementation of HACCP-based systems by food business operators, considering their specificities and with a flexible approach. The training will contribute to harmonizing the control techniques, developing a consistent approach across the EU Member States and providing assurance that the audit findings in different reports are of comparable value. The training will cover the following topics: HACCP overview, prerequisites programmes, HACCP method and plan, the audit process, guides and flexibility. In order to face the complexity of a project involving many experts and staff, AETS headquarters supports the general coordination of the activities ensured by NSF (submission of reports, experts profiles, reporting), with the help of the experts (mission preparation, technical and pedagogical material) and of the external staff (training management, mission coordination). The EM and AEM are chosen for their pedagogical capacities and interpersonal skills. A total of 500 participants from Member States, Candidates, EFTA, ENP, MED Countries and third countries are planned to be trained throughout 20 training sessions, 4 of them organized by AETS.

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