The Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA) is the means by which the EU supports reforms in the 'enlargement countries' with financial and technical help. Turkey is one of the beneficiary countries. One of the expected results of Sector Operational Programme for Environment and Climate Action (ESOP) is profiting from improved infrastructure for delivery of drinking water, waste water treatment and solid waste management in line with EU standards. Selection of the projects to be funded under ESOP has been completed in line with the prioritisation manual prepared for IPA II and it is expected that 17 works tenders will be launched in 2019. The overall objectives are to ensure proper and timely implementation of the operations covered under the Sector Operational Programme: Environment and Climate Action. A possible difficulty related to the project will that several tenders will be evaluated simultaneously, that means the Observer will attend the evaluation sessions collaterally. Likewise, the experts will have to guide the experts of MoEU in making necessary revisions in order to avoid mistakes/inconsistencies. The services under this assignment include wide variety of services. To begin, the team will have to ensure tender procedures’ compliance with PRAG tendering procedures and FIDIC contract conditions and other established rules of the Decentralised Implementation System in Turkey as well as their technical soundness. The experts will also have to support the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey in monitoring of the projects under implementation. Finally, they will support the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey in appraisal of the projects to be submitted for financing. Each stage of the project marks the passage of an important step for the success of the mission and a moment of privileged communication between the experts, the DUE and the beneficiaries.

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