Global events that occurred between 2008 and early 2010 such as climate changes, the fuel, food and financial crises and natural disasters drove the attention of the international development community towards an increased focus on food security. As a consequence, the EU drafted and adopted in 2010 the EU policy framework to assist developing countries in addressing food security challenges. The policy framework recognised as a priority to “support countries to establish and operate targeted and flexible social transfer policies adapted to local contexts.” Social transfers2 can play a critical role in promoting food and nutrition security, primarily in supporting the access pillar but also in strengthening the production of nutritious food. In line with this priority, DEVCO concluded a contract to “support partner countries in addressing food security through the use of social transfers”. The global objective of the present contract is to "Increase the impact, quality, sustainability and coverage of social transfer schemes to address food insecurity in partner countries". Specific objective(s) 1. Improve and update knowledge on social transfers. 2. Provide support to the EUDs in the adoption of social transfers as part of their activity planning and implementation.

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