Since 2008, the Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP) of the European Union (EU) is set to enable better coordination and coherence between the sectors related to the sea. In the Black Sea, a framework for regional cooperation has been established through the EU Black Sea Synergy. It includes all Black Sea countries and encourages "dialogue on Black Sea maritime policies" and "regional fisheries management cooperation". The accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the EU has turned the Black Sea, to some extent, into an EU-shared sea with all the responsibilities and strategic importance for the EU that it carries along. Moreover, the European Parliament highlighted the multiplication of shared challenges and objectives, as well as the need to renew opportunities for strengthened cooperation between the EU and the countries in the region. The scoping mission is called to evaluate the feasibility of a cross-sectorial cooperation project on Integrated Maritime Policy in the Black Sea. It will provide decision makers in the EU with input for a coherent proposal to support the follow-up project. This scoping mission, led by AETS , will assess the conditions on the ground and the level of preparedness in the mapped countries for a future follow-up project developed on the basis of this assignment as well as the main elements of a contract and implementation agreement necessary to implement the project. The mission will allow for exploring the level of interest and support expected by the relevant public authorities and private stakeholders in the mapped countries. Following a needs analysis at national, regional and local level, adequate project architecture will be suggested, with indicative goals, realistic objectives and appropriate timeline. Among the key stakeholders, potential partners in the implementation of the follow-up project will be identified. Furthermore collaboration mechanisms will be suggested in order to reflect the different socio-economic conditions in place in the various countries and their EU perspective.

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