The European Investment Bank (EIB) is supporting the development of water infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through the co-financing of water and sanitation projects (WATSAN) within the country. WATSAN projects help with the implementation of small scale investment schemes for the consolidation of water and wastewater services, and projects are to carried out for the individual participating municipalities within BiH (at present there are 46 such municipalities). BiH is made up of the Republika Srpska (RS) and the Federation BiH (FBiH), and each has set up entities to manage the projects. In RS the Ministry of Finance has created Project Management Units (PMU), while FBiH’s Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has put in place Project Implementation Teams (PIT). It was anticipated that the WATSAN projects would be completed by 2018, which included, primarily, approximately 20 water treatment plants, and some small wastewater treatment plants. The majority of the projects would be carried out in FBiH. The project was carried out by an SCE/AETS consortium and the prime objective was to support the tender evaluation teams in evaluating works tenders for plants in conformity with EU best practice and the EIB Guide to procurement. The Team Leader or wastewater treatment experts provided their support to evaluation committee meetings as observers and advisors, support the evaluation of bids (both technical and financial aspects), working closely with the PMUs, PITs and responsible ministries as may be necessary. The experts were able to give comments on all aspects of any tenders, including quality of designs and contractual matters, and produced short written summaries of evaluations, together with regular reports to the EIB. This support lasted for three years, and was carried out in BiH or home-based. It involved about 160 working days for the whole team. The commencement date as per the EIB contract was 11 January 2016 and the final end date was 29 January 2019.

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