This consultancy contributed to the EU's effort towards supporting good governance and responsible mineral sourcing in developing partner-countries, with emphasis on conflict affected and high-risk areas. The specific objective of the study was to assist the Commission services, in the identification and formulation of an appropriate set of accompanying measures to be implemented in support of developing partner countries, aiming to ensure the responsible sourcing of 3TG (tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold) minerals from conflict-affected and high-risk areas, keeping in mind the need for complementarity with regional and national programmes and other external actions, and in conformity with existing international guidelines and standards. The assignment provided key inputs to the drafting of an Action Document to be submitted in the framework of the AAP 2017 Work Programme of the Global Public Goods and Challenges Programme. The accompanying measures, shall encapsulate the call for the implementation of an EU Integrated Approach3 that maximises the development of linkages and synergies with wider European, international and partner country based public-private partnerships in the area of due diligence and responsible mineral sourcing. In conformity with suggested measures in the Appendix to the gold supplement of the OECD guidance, key areas the study analysed and provided recommendations for EU support included: 1. Assessment of mines sites consistent with the standards in Annex II of the OECD Guidance. 2. Formalization of operations. 3. Legalization of operations. 4. Assessment of trading hubs and regular mapping of transportation routes. 5. Establishment of traceability or chain of custody systems that ensure security of shipments and enables data collection for minerals from assessed mines. 6. Providing financial support to multi-stakeholder commissions to assess mines sites, transportation routes and points where minerals are traded; and chain of custody schemes. 7. Promoting and taking part in programs to directly and competitively market the minerals from the assessed mine sites. 8. Support the establishment of grievance mechanisms.

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