The general objective of the project, of which this contract will be an integral part, is to contribute to the development of the drinking water supply in the Antananarivo agglomeration. The particular purpose of this mission is twofold: • to enable the EIB to prepare the JIRAMA loan file from the economic, environmental and social points of view in accordance with the requirements of the EIB; • to ensure that the loan is granted prior to the environmental and social impact assessment (ESIA) compliance of the project and its economic and financial viability. This contract therefore has two components that will be conducted in parallel: • an ESIA, including related public consultations, as well as the Population Resettlement Policy Framework (CPRP). • a socio-economic and tariff study, including the willingness to pay study. The results to be achieved by the Service Provider are: • the approval of the ESIA report by the EIB and the Malagasy Ministry of the Environment and the ESMP, • the development of the best socio-economic scenarios at the EIB and the EU which will assist in the decision making process for the best way to undertake the Project.

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