In the framework of the BENEF FWC Lot 6, AETS is involved in this technical assistance to the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs regarding River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) issues. From several years, several regions of Turkey have been impacted by water scarcity due to decreasing precipitation and increasing population. The Ministry of Forestry and Water Affair took several actions to secure the quantity and the protection of the quality of water resources through the adoption of several laws and regulation in line with the Water Framework Directive. Nevertheless, further actions have to be implemented to establish a sound-pricing policy which will incite an efficient use of water. To do so, a project named as the “Technical Assistance Project on Economic Analyses within River Basin Management Plans and Water Efficiency Aspects in 3 Pilot River Basins in Turkey” has been approved. This assignment in which AETS participates aims at assisting the Ministry in relation to the preparation of the ToR of this TA project which will include: - characterizing the resource in three river basin districts in Turkey; - applying relevant economic approaches, - determining cost effective programs of measures to restore ecological status AETS expertise will enable the Ministry to properly express its needs and to take WFD requirements into account.

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