The main objectives of a Country Environmental Profile (CEP) are to identify and assess environmental issues to be taken into account during the Country Strategy Paper (CSP) preparation. This CSP is aiming at, directly or indirectly, influencing EC cooperation activities. The purpose was to provide EC and local decision makers with clear information on major environmental challenges (water, air, soils, biodiversity, forestry, energy, mining, etc.) and related policies, strategies and programmes including those of the EC and other donors. The provided information would also enable the EC cooperation strategy to take into account environmental considerations in the choice of prioritized sectors, objectives, and cooperation approaches. The recommendations made have also the objective to help to introduce environment protection norms and standards within all the cooperation activities for the country development. The profile identifies major links between the environment and poverty reduction. It is also used as an information data base; helps to target political dialogue and the country cooperation on essential issues such as sustainable development or environmental awareness raising for political responsible. To carry out the Country Environmental Profile of Azerbaijan, AETS mobilised two experts and a Quality Controller, with complementary skills and experience in the Region and covering the different domains of competencies related to the various concerned environment fields. The assignment for the CEP of Azerbaijan comprised a one-month mission in Azerbaijan. The following steps were carried out to best achieve the project: •Desk research and analyses of documents; •Briefing at the EU delegation, additional documents analyses, meeting with major national and local actors, field visits; •Drafting of the final report; •Organisation of a final workshop to present and discuss the main results and recommendations with the participation of the main representatives (Ministries, International organisations, NGOs, etc.); •Debriefing at the EU Delegation; •Finalisation of the report, including specific meeting with the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.

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