The global objective is to organise a seminar gathering all the stakeholders from the European Commission, and eventually other national or international stakeholders who are involved in food security management and food facility projects in Asia: personnel of the EC Delegation (officials of the operational, financial and contracts units, contract staff, local staff), technical assistance extra muros and personnel of EuropeAid, DG DEV, DG REFLEX, DG ECHO...   The specific objectives are to :Analyse food security and rural development strategies, their characteristics and their coherences with development policy (and where applicable, with EC Trade cooperation) and also with the policy of poverty reductionEvaluate the performance of current programming and the implementation policy of certain aspects of the Thematic Programme for Food Security with delegationsThis will involve the implementation of the component information systems, innovations, LRRD component and the component on strengthening capacity to place food security at the center of regional and continental strategiesEvaluate the performance of the implementation of Food Facility project at the regional level (implementation, donors coordination, the draft of a Call of Proposals…) with delegationsPresent and discuss how the dimensions "access" and "nutrition" are taken into account in food security strategies and programs which are supported by the European Commission, and in particular, in connection with the main conclusions and recommendations of the seminars organized by "E6" in Brussels and in different regionsDiscuss the specificities of food security within a sectoral approach (presentation of practical cases, e.g.: budget support/food security)Identify the tools, actions and type of support needed by the delegations, particularly from sectoral support, including sectoral budget support in the field of rural development and food securityPresent “best practices” in food securityPay attention to the area of food security in particular in the interaction between emergency programs, rehabilitation and development and in fragile regionsStrengthening the regional dimension analysis on situations of food insecurity and identifying how a strengthened regional coordination can be appliedAnalysis of the consistency of government priorities/EC/other donors and stakeholders (policy coherence)Strengthen dialogue between the EC and stakeholders at the stage of the implementation through project visits.

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