Following the “Concept note for country programme - "Civil Society Organisations and Local Authorities (CSO-LA)" in Mozamlbique, CSOs' specific technical expertise is expected to be called upon in implementing actions to complement and enhance interventions in targeted areas, particularly in human rights, cultural heritage, social services and vocational education and training. In Mozambique the donor coordination mechanisms for support to Government are well structured. Several thematic platforms on agriculture or health involve civil society representatives. Still, the coordination focuses more on service delivery actors rather than on governance and advocacy ones. Indeed, there is no sector wide approach in the area of support to non-state actors and therefore, no institutionalised platform for coordination. Donors are generally working in an ad-hoc manner according to their internal programmes' priorities. However, the main donors acknowledge the need for close coordination and recognise the opportunities for complementarity between programmes and support. In this context, Altair Consortium has been selected by the European Delegation in Mozambique to carry out a Mapping Study of Civil Society Organizations in Mozambique in order to provide the EU and all interested stakeholders with a comprehensive overview of the state of CSOs in Mozambique, including by identifying CSOs' needs to better play a role in the most fruitful areas of interventions/most relevant public policies. This study will also give recommendations for the priorities to be included in the EU country roadmap for engagement with civil society, thus improving CSOs' support strategy in the current programming, and in particular, for the EU 11th EDF.

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