Both the European Union and Mexico are Parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), and as such, have agreed to comply with the provisions of the Text of the Convention, and its applicable Resolutions and Decisions. This project has therefore provided concrete follow-up for a successful policy dialogue on environment between the EU and Mexico. The proposed action also contributed to the implementation of the EU Action Plan against wildlife trafficking, of CITES (and its Strategic Vision: 2008-2020), of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations as well to the implementation of pertinent international agreements related to tackling illegal wildlife trade; as well as Mexico’s initiatives to promote Mainstreaming conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity. The project aimed to provide a comprehensive analysis of wildlife trade between Mexico and the EU (whether legally or illegally traded; and whether CITES listed or non-CITES listed species); in order to improve the implementation of CITES and other related policies related to tackling illegal wildlife trade, through closer collaboration on wildlife trade policies, as well as a better understanding of both Parties legal and illegal wildlife market. It notably provided a clear and updated characterization of the legal and illegal trade in wildlife between Mexico and the EU, and on the basis of this, will provide recommendations towards the development and implementation of actions aiming at ensuring that wildlife trade is sustainable, legal, and traceable, while providing economic incentives to the main stakeholders of their value chain (from the local and indigenous communities to the end consumer markets, e.g. European industry).

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