The Northern Dimension Environmental Partnership (NDEP) is one of four partnerships of the Northern Dimension, a joint policy between the EU, Russia, Norway and Iceland. The NDEP serves to provide a cooperation facility between partner governments, the European Union, donors and international financial institutions (IFIs) to facilitate financing structures for the implementation of the environmental investments, addressing major environmental problems of the Baltic Sea Region. The non-nuclear window of the NDEP is mainly focused on wastewater treatment projects addressing environmental hotspots around the Baltic Sea. In addition, it supports projects on municipal heating, energy efficiency and solid waste management. The global objective of this assignment was to evaluate effectiveness of the EU support to the Northem Dimension Environmental Partnership in view of a future adjustment to the EU’s support policy. The specific objectives were: • To provide an independent evaluation of the EU financed interventions for the NDEP focusing on the assessment of achievements, quality and results. This assessment should be based on representative sample of on-going and completed projects financed by the Fund; • Based on the lessons learnt from the representative projects - to elaborate recommendations as to how to best channel EU support for the partnership in the future.

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