The global objective of this assignment was to support the identification and formulation of a new Project (WATERCLIMA-LAC) in the Latin America and Caribbean region, to be launched in 2013. This Identification and Formulation mission was carried out in line with the European Union Water Initiative (EUWI) and within the framework of the RALCEA project and the EUROCLIMA programme. It took into account and was designed in line with the Lima Declaration (EU-LAC 2008 Summit), the recently adopted Agenda for Change, the VI Summit of the Americas 2012, the UN-Water for the Rio+20. The future project had to focus on the water sector in two strands : •Geographic where a in depth analysis of the current situation and problems of the cross-border basin and coast should be made; and •Thematic where the climate change and the sustainable agriculture should be prioritized. The mission had to identify key actions, possible areas of intervention and activities. It consisted in setting a strategy to contribute to improve watershed and coastal management, integrating climate change impacts and consequences, while strengthening regional integration dialogue between LAC in the water and coastal sectors. The project had also to complement and provide added-value outputs to the second phase of the EUROCLIMA programme, which is focused on EU-Latin American policy dialogue on climate change, adaptation a mitigation measures and sustainable agriculture, food security and other sectors. The mission was carried out in two main phases: •Phase 1: Support to the Identification •Phase 2: Support to the Formulation.

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