The overall objective of Rural Employment Opportunities for Public Assets (REOPA) is to contribute to the long term sustainable socio-economic development of rural Bangladesh. REOPA contributes to poverty alleviation in rural areas and mainstreaming women into development programmes, as indicated in the Government of Bangladesh's PRSP and Bangladesh's commitment to the MDGs. The objectives of this evaluation were to i) assess how adequately Rural Employment Opportunities for Public Assets (REOPA)has achieved its stated objectives ii) assess how effectively and efficiently all three REOPA components have progressed in attaining the programme objectives, iii) assess performance of REOPA-CSC team on technical assistance and capacity strengthening, iv) assess performance of NGOs in providing training to the crew women, and v) identify lessons learned. The outcome of the Ex-post evaluation also supported the EC, GoB and UNDP to form an opinion on future interventions where food security and safety net actions are increasingly involving local governments and grass root level organisations.

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