In the Sahelian countries, food security is one of the main objectives in rural development. At first glance, the constraints to achieving food security in the Sahel are: i) soil erosion, ii) degradation of soils and vegetation, and iii) the lack of water. From the analysis of these factors, we see the relevance of the first two. For cons, the amount of water available is more than sufficient to produce in the shallows several times a year and to meet the food needs of the population of the Sahel. The real problem is the management of the water. The objectives of this project were to i) identify of areas of high water potential to strengthen the Drinking Water Supply (DWS) Abou Deia cities, Bitkine, Mangalmé, Melfi, Mongo and Oum Hadjer and ii) improving pastoral and agricultural conditions basement areas of central Chad (Guera region, including Oum Hadjer north-east and Abu Deia area east) by techniques of groundwater recharge and soil regeneration.

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