This study was intended to fulfil the persistent gaps in the analysis and readily available information with regard to the impact on developing countries of increased biofuels demand and to identify gaps in such information. It was also intended to carry out a reality check of the main findings through field visits. Its results identified the challenges, opportunities, synergies and trade-offs of biofuels' production in developing countries on the basis of different domestic contexts and production methods. The assessment included: - evaluation of economic impacts and biofuels production x trade patterns x biofuel feedstock production practices x costs linked to natural resources depletion x macro and micro levels x food security x energy access - environmental impacts of biofuels production x land degradation, desertification and fertility x water use, virtual water and water footprint x genetic resources and biodiversity x GHG emissions and ILVC - social impacts and human rights x land and food rights x corporate social responsibility x gender x health risks

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