Following a request sent by the Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar (RGoZ), the EU launched an assessment on the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector in Zanzibar. Considering these first conclusions, RGoZ expressed its interest in developing a long term partnership with the EU. A technical assistance mission was further deployed to assist in formulation of a EU support programme for: A) Feasibility study to assess wind, solar and biomass energy source potential; B) Technical Assistance support (long term) to prepare the regulatory and institutional reforms for Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) in Zanzibar C)TA support to prepare the ground for activities envisaged under A and B (Bridging phase). AETS’ scope of work corresponds to the bridging phase (C). Thus, the global objective is to provide assistance to the RGoZ, the National Authorising Office of the EDF and the EU Delegation to Tanzania to prepare implementation of interventions to promote socio-economic development in the Archipelago based on renewable energy and efficient energy management. The activities carried out will consist in: - Supporting the development of renewable energies technologies, promote implementation of energy efficiency programmes and development of conducive regulatory and institutional framework; - Enhancing the capacity of Department of Energy and Minerals (DoEM) and ZECO (Zanzibar Electricity Corporation) for implementing necessary reforms (policy, institutional and regulatory) related to RE and EE development; - Maintaining the momentum created by previous EU support and paving the way for the forthcoming assistance; - Preparing the Tender Dossiers according to EU templates and assisting in all phases of the procurement exercise for the: o Supply contract for the procurement of 5 wind-monitoring masts; o Service contract with two lots: 1. Feasibility study - Wind, solar and biomass energy source potential and 2. Technical Assistance support to the regulatory and institutional reforms for RE and EE

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