For several years, AFD has been involved in Mauritius to support initiatives in the energy, environment and sustainable development fields. In order to reinforce its acticity, the AFD sought technical assistance (AETS - Artelia consortium) to support the implementation of two projects which follow on from the work undertaken: (i) the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Energy Finance (SUNREF) credit line and (ii) the National Energy Efficiency Programme (NEEP). The 60 million EUR credit line (SUNREF) is the second one to be established by AFD to finance green projects (EE, RE and environment sectors) in the region. The TA aims at assisting its implementation and to reinforce the market financing for green projects by the private sector. The NEEP, driven by the Government and the private sector, aim was to carry out 100 energy audits over three years. These audits will consist of sectoral audits and/or energy use-focused audits. The TA’s aim is to organise the implementation and follow-up of these audits from the tender to the supervision.

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