St. Eustatius is located in the north-eastern Caribbean and the island has a total area of 21 km2 with approximately 3800 residents. In the past it was part of the Netherlands Antilles (an autonomous country within the Kingdom), on 10/10/2010 it became a Public Entity, best described as a special municipality, with direct ties to The Netherlands. A major part of the electricity grid in St. Eustatius dates back from the 1960's, with the electricity being produced at a small plant located on the harbour front. Currently there is a 9 km power line which is underground with another 19 kilometres above ground. According to the infrastructure master plan for St. Eustatius there continues to be regular periods without service and at times total blackouts. The utility company in St. Eustatius, STUCO was created as an independent company at the beginning of 2014. The Dutch and St. Eustatius government have agreed to invest in renewable energy, to drive the costs of diesel consumption down, and to run the company to break even. It is envisaged that such an investment program would take 2-3 years, and that during those years the company will lose about USD 2.5 million a year. A major part of the funding available will be utilised for the construction of a planned 4 MW solar park, of which the preparation is on-going. At a peek demand presently of 2.3 MW, this solar park will be able to supply 50-60% of the required capacity. In combination with storage capacity, the program will increase the reliability and decrease the dependability on fossil fuels and thus lowering and stabilising the production cost. This project will be financed partly by the Dutch government and partly by the local utilities company. The specific objectives of the assignment are as follows: • Provide the technical assistance required by St. Eustatius Government throughout the programming exercise of the OCTs 11th EDF territorial allocation in favour of St. Eustatius and until the signature of the Financing Agreement. • Conduct consultations with relevant stakeholders i.e. electricity company, TAO office, etc.; prepare the required documents described under chapter 5. Reporting, and ensure their quality in view of the programming of the OCTs 11th EDF territorial allocation in favour of St. Eustatius. The aid modality at the point of launching this tender, remains un-decided. The specific objectives of the assignment include: • Determine the feasibility of the overall program; • Determine the specific risks and the advantages of the execution of this program; • Timely preparation and submission of programming document: the Draft Identification Fiche and Action Document that may lead to the commitment of EDF funds.

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