The Zagtouli PV plant (33MWc) has been the subject of studies on the preparation of one of the largest plants of its kind in Africa since 2010. Since 2012, AETS has assisted the Delegation of the European Union in finalizing the feasibility study, the decision making process to increase the installed capacity (22 MWp 33MWc) and in the preparation of tender documents as well as in the corresponding discussion between donor funds (EIB, AFD and EU). The objective of this intervention was to assist SONABEL during the restricted procedure for markets: recruitment of the Council Engineer and recruitment of the Company in charge of the construction of the solar plant PV Zagtouli. The Consultant will also assist SONABEL to draft the work programme, in particular: • Capacity building (training, technical assistance) for SONABEL • Dissemination of project results, awareness of solar energy, visibility activities.

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