Since 2002, Morocco has been firmly committed to the fight against climate change by implementing a proactive and ambitious climate policy. As a result, Morocco has invested early in the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) (4th largest portfolio of CDM projects in Africa). In the same sense, and to follow the latest international trends in development within the framework of the UNFCCC, Morocco also wanted to invest in the development of new instruments for GHG mitigation, including through the development of various appropriate mitigation measures at national level (NAMAs) in the most relevant economic sectors and also the development of low emission development strategies (LEDS). The housing sector, which represents almost 25% of national energy consumption, was one of the sectors with the most significant challenges. The AETS / NEMPS consortium was selected to identify a portfolio of potential mitigation measures to develop the housing sector in Morocco, with selection of a short list of NAMAs priorities and choosing a "NAMA Habitat" to develop. The developed NAMA "Housing" included measures that eliminate all the regulatory, economic and technical barriers that hinder the development of energy efficiency in the residential sector in particular, and offers several targeted actions in the following areas: • Refrigerators with thermal inertia coupling photovoltaic • Thermal regulation (insulation of walls and ceilings and double glazing) • LBC Lighting • Installation of solar thermal sensors Financial provisions were also included, namely: • A direct subsidy of 10% of EE additional investment over the period 2016-2020 • An "EE renovation" credit system by bank credit over 10 years on favourable terms • A dedicated line of credit made available to partner banks: concessional credit line with a term of 15 years at the disposal of national banks that distribute the bonus between the housing and renovation loan • An indirect state subsidy (Extension of the VAT exemption granted to social housing for the performance units)

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