SAPP is an association of electricity supply utilities operating in the SADC region. Its core strategy is to facilitate and ensure sustainable generation capacity and transmission link developments through sound economic, environmental and social practices that assure value for money for energy intensive users, power supply investors and consumers at large. As other African Power Pools, SAPP is characterised by (i) lack of permanent, qualified and skilled human capital; (ii) an institutional structure and management framework still needing a better definition and assets and (iii) lack of sufficient financial resources and revenues to carry out their missions. In order to address these recurrent problems, the EU chose AETS to implement this project aiming at reinforcing the capacities and institutional frameworks of the SAPP through sector studies, consultancy services and training activities. The expected results would be: - enhanced capacities in project preparation and implementation; - development of specific operational guidelines on market management; - Acquisition by market operators and traders of the required capacity for managing and operating electricity markets to support an economically efficient interconnected system and developing financial markets for power products; - Acquisition by system planners of the required capacity for updating the interconnected electricity system master plan and simulate the operation of the system; - Acquisition by system controllers of the required capacity for improved operation of the interconnected system (efficient management practices of the interconnected grid, system operations, safety and reliability of the interconnected grid), improved balancing and improved quality of power supply; - Acquisition by project managers of the required capacity to speed-up the financial closure of priority projects and to ensure monitoring of priority projects; - Aquisition by environment staff of the required capacity for developing environmental management plans, assessing social impacts and resettlement management plan and designing and monitoring environmental management systems.

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