In the recent past, Ghana, which used to enjoy a relatively stable supply of power mainly from the Akosombo hydro-electric power plant, has faced some challenges as the demand for the supply of power has continued to grow. As part of the measures to address  occasional power crises, the Government initiated a number of supplementary power generation projects, including the Kpone Thermal Power Project (KTPP) and the Tema Thermal 2 Power Project (TT2PP). In this regard, the Government procured two Gas turbine generators with a total capacity of 223.4 MW and auxiliaries for the construction of the KTPP. The Government further provided financing for the TT2PP which comprises Gas turbine generators with a total capacity of 49.5 MW. Two Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts were signed to build these two power plants.  These two projects were due for completion in 2009. However, three years down the line, work on the completion and commissioning of the KPTT has stalled, while work towards the completion of the TT2PP has virtually been completed. The aim of this assignment is: 1. To assess the status of completion of the KTPP and TT2PP projects; and 2. To make recommendations towards ensuring the completion of the projects and the subsequent operation of the plants in a cost-effective manner.

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