RAERESA is a Regional Association of Energy Regulators for Eastern and Southern Africa The objective of RAERESA Work Programme was to give direction and impetus to the Association and to enable it to commence work to meet its mission and objectives, as set out in its Constitution, and which can be summarized as: capacity building and information sharing; development of energy sector policy and regulatory guidelines and fostering inter-regional co-operation in energy regulatory matter The project aimed at contracting the technical expertise necessary to further reinforce the capacity of RAERESA through ensuring implementation of its work programme. The results of this consultancy project were the following: a) Reinforcement of the RAERESA capacities in the following areas: (i) Energy utility benchmarking; (ii) Regulatory good governance (independence, transparency, structure, budget, funding, etc.), and; (iii) Regulatory guidelines. b) Reinforcement of information sharing among member at both national and regional levels c) Training of 40 RAERESA/national Regulators staff in: (i) Energy utility benchmarking (ii) Compliance and performance based regulations; (iii) Regulatory performance and compliance monitoring guidelines. d) Organisation (logistical arrangements) and conduct of 3 events.

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