The development of advanced and comprehensive Management and Monitoring systems for reporting and running of recurrent activities was becoming an essential element of any donor and/or public funded programme and intervention. Thus, DG DEVCO, DG NEAR and FPI were currently using CRIS (Common Relex Information System) for the management of their operations, covering decisions, contracts and payments. However, the modern new IT environment had raised expectations from all sides on what an organisation can deliver and how it should use IT systems would it be for EU constituencies, for the public worldwide, for partners or even internally for users who see more and more discrepancy between their professional and personal IT environments. At the same time, DEVCO was witnessing a changing context and adopting new strategies in the way to do its core business. In such a context, DEVCO and partner DGs decided to develop a new operational information system called OpSys to better support business processes and cover essential needs as for external collaboration with partners, results management, knowledge management, transparency and communication. The overall objective of the assignment was to support the analysis, design and implementation of the OpSys programme, so as to offer a high level of digital service to business users and to improve the overall effectiveness of EU external cooperation and action. The specific objective was to provide services and expertise related to the conception of OpSys as an operational system, notably through the elicitation, analysis and testing of requirements for the operational management of EU external cooperation and action programmes. Thus, during the 12 months of contract duration, the team of experts supported the EC in the achievement of the following main results: • Deep assessment for the creation of Operational Entities based on existing CRIS entities; • User Interface and graphic charter of the OpSys Programme; • Overall use case model for the entire OpSys Programme; • Draft glossary for OpSys operation; • Data Model of the Results component; • Proof of concept of the corporate search based on CRIS; • Workshop with EU Delegations - A specifically dedicated workshop was carried out in October 2016 with 18 representatives of 11 EUDs (Afghanistan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Ethiopia, Georgia, Malawi, Morocco, Pakistan, Peru, Turkey, Ukraine). The objective of the event was to update participants on future vision of OpSys, collecting their feedback, draw user driven solutions and review business scopes; • Assessment possible options on the implementation of a Geographical Information System inside OpSys (including the re-use of the existing Atlas application).

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