The EU funded Support Programme for Infrastructure Sector Strategies and Alternative Financing (SISSAF) aims at strengthening sector institutional capacities, coordination structures and line ministry leadership in order to satisfy key eligibility criteria for Sector Budget Support. Its objective is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and financial sustainability in the Lebanese infrastructure sectors i.e. water, energy and land transport. This refers not only to the sound management itself but also to social and environmental issues. It is expected that SISSAF will participate to good environmental governance and sustainable development. The total budget is € 9 million. The assignment contributed to the preparation of the future SISSAF programme by (i) assessing the needs and fine-tune results and activities of the Technical Assistance project for the three sectors (energy, water and transport) in close coordination with line ministries. (ii) identifying the timing (based on readiness) and criterion/benchmark for the evaluation of the three sectors for phase II eligibility and (iii) identifying the implementation organisation in respect to contractualisation deadlines and preparing the tender dossiers of the SISSAF programme for phase I.

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