Turkish energy sector has been through an extensive and longstanding liberalization and restructuring period for the last 25 years. Although there have been significant developments in electricity sector the process is still ongoing. Increasing market opening ratio, shrinking public sector share beyond %50’s in electricity generation and privatizations of gas and electricity distribution companies are among the most challenging issues regarding liberalization. This requires Turkey to transform all the market structure, institutions, legislative framework, method of doing business and creating a private sector that would support the growth requirements of energy supply. Turkey has a privatization programme in the energy sector since 2000; therefore the process requires restructuring State Owned Economic Enterprises. The project aimed at enhancing the liberal energy market in Turkey in line with the EU Strategies through restructuring of the SEE’s (including Turkish Electricity Distribution Company -TEDAS and Turkish Electricity Production Company -EUAS) in order to have well-functioning, sustainable and financially sound energy market. More specifically, the AETS Consortium was selected to undertake an snalysis of the European experience on restructuring of the SEE’s and to prepare a roadmap for the restructuring of the SEEs after the privatization of the assets of the companies in order to provide a more liberal and financially sound energy market.

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