The Consultant provided support for SONABEL to achieve additional works for the integration of Zagtouli' solar power plant. This project funded by the Delegation of the European Union in Burkina Faso follows the first response by AETS on the draft Zagtouli, a central PV 33 MWp financed by the EU, the EIB and AFD. As part of this project, an economic and financial study and technical study network stability were undertaken, amongst others. The stability study showed that to maintain stable interconnected network and a good level of tension, action had to be taken and that the following work had to be carried out: • Supply and installation of a 90/33 kV transformer of 40 MVA • Supply and installation of an auto-transformer 33 / 34.5 kV 5 MVA • Supply and installation of SVC (Static Var Compensator) • Providing additional equipment and work for the lackluster second commissioning 90 kV Zagtouli - Ouaga 2 • Providing additional equipment and installation work of the second transformer 90/15 kV 40 MVA for the post of Ouaga 1 The purpose of this provision was to provide support to SONABEL to achieve the specified additional work to integrate the Zagtouli solar plant. In particular, it was to assist SONABEL in defining their needs, development of the RFP and in procurement.

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