These last years, several EU-funded projects, which aimed at promoting rural socio-economic development through increased access to electricity to households, productive enterprises and service delivery facilities, were launched in Tanzania through EDF programme. AETS was chosen to carry out the mid-term evaluation of the following projects concerning: • Micro hydropower plants such as: o Yovi Hydro Power Project (1MW installed, 38 km 33kV line / mini-grid) o Sustainable Community-Based Hydro Power Supply in 6 villages (Up-scaling of Mawengi Plant from 150 to 300 kW, Extension of 29 km 11kV lines) o Increasing access to modern energy services in Ikondo (Up-scaling of Ikondo micro-hydropower plant from 80 to 320 kW, Extension of 37.9 km of MV and LV lines) o Mwenga 3MW Hydro Power Project • Households solar systems: Clusters Solar PV Project • Biogas: Introducing a new concept for affordable biogas systems to connect 10,000 rural households in Tanzania. The scope of this consultancy equally included the evaluation of 2 other projects funded by the EU under the Energy Facility (Mwenga Hydro Power Project implemented by Mufindi Tea Company (private) financed under the 9th EDF Energy Facility, and the Integrated Rural Electrification Planning (IREP) in Tanzania implemented in 6 regions by the Rural Energy Agency). It was also expected that the Consultant makes specific recommendations for possible future interventions in the sector.

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