The West African Power Exchange System (WAPP) is a specialized institution for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which is responsible for establishing, inter alia, a mechanism for cooperation in the field of electric power exchanges to facilitate and expand the access of reliable and affordable stable source of electricity to ECOWAS citizens. To this end, the WAPP instigated the development and implementation of a set of priority regional projects including the subroutine Development Electrical Network OMVG / OMVS. The Financing Agreement for the IDA hydroelectric Félou project provides, at the level of component 3, funding for education, the acquisition of telecommunications equipment and software to improve the functioning and real-time operating interconnected OMVS related to the Centre for Information and Coordination WAPP system. Through this component, SOGEM will benefit from the transport networks from the regional power companies, i.e., Energie du Mali (EDM), Mauritania (SOMELEC) and Senegal (SENELEC); and their control/command equipment – such as: • SCADA / EMS and terminals and associated equipment; • Software optimization of thermal-hydraulic mixed production. The AETS / Brivus Solutions consortium was responsible for project management assistance to SOGEM for the implementation of the project in three phases: Phase I: Network Inventory; Phase II: Development of the specifications with the associated technical specifications; Phase III: Select one of the bidders, and monitor their work (separate contract).

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