In the context of the “Barcelona Process” and the “Union for the Mediterranean” (UfM), the organisation agenda featured the promotion of renewable and sustainable energy in particular. In this context, the elaboration of a “Mediterranean Solar Plan” was declared by Ministers and Heads of State and Governments as one of the key projects of the UfM. In addition, the overall objective of the mission was to identify the most effective strategy for developing and implementing a “Mediterranean Solar Plan”. This included analysing the role and coordination needs of the various actors involved. The Consultant carried out the following tasks in particular:Make an informed judgement about how the regional policy landscape presents obstacles and opportunities for achieving the objectives of the PlanAnalyse the strategies and means that should be considered in order to involve the new country members of the UfMPresent an overview of the existing national and regional initiatives and identify synergies to aid the implementation of a “Mediterranean Solar Plan”Identify synergies between a “Mediterranean Solar Plan” and the efforts of other donors in the energy and climate change fieldsName a variety of specific stakeholders to be mobilised in pursuit of the objectives of the PlanIdentify the range of expertise that will be needed in order to successfully implement a “Mediterranean Solar Plan” that creates sustainable benefitsFinalise the elaboration of a “road map” or concrete framework for the implementation of the “Mediterranean Solar Plan”.

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