Further to the devastating earthquake occurred on 12 January 2010, the European Union offered its support to the government of Haiti together at the humanitarian, military, security levels. One of the sections of the actions consisted in setting up a Situation Room within the DPC (Direction de Protection Civile) in Port-au-Prince. The objective of this Administrative Arrangement signed in December 2010 in subject was the design and the follow-up of the construction of the Situation Room with inclusion of several hardware and software components and training. The Situation room would be equipped with all the necessary hardware and software components that would be needed in order to provide the National Coordination Centre with a full and continuous situation awareness of emerging and ongoing crisis events as well as to plan and coordinate subsequent interventions. Communication with peripheral infrastructures represented an important contribution to the project. The object of this activity was to supervise the arrival of the material, perform the initial installation, verify the system performance and to assist Haitian Civil Protection personnel to get proficient with the installed hardware and software. This included assistance to the training activities to be performed. The installation of the computers and software was monitored by the staff of the JRC (Joint Research Centre).

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