China-EU Institute for Clean and Renewable Energy (ICARE) was an EU-funded Action to create the EU–China scientific and professional links and cooperation on the clean and renewable energy (CRE) sector. This Action was under the agreement between the Chinese Government and the EU to foster innovation and quality raising of the professional performance in the CRE field. The Action was managed by MINES ParisTech-led consortium composed of both EU and Chinese science educational institutions. ICARE was located in Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST, Wuhan, China) which provides quality education, training and research related activities in the field of CRA to permanently enhance the education on clean and renewable energy in China. The Action includes three main pillars: 1. Chinese and European double degree master’s programme in clean and renewable energy; 2. Vocational training centre for existing energy professionals; and 3. Research platform for post-graduate students and researchers (ICARE research platform). The Action was closed in November 2017, and as one of the project cycle management (PCM) requirements of EU, the final evaluation of ICARE has been launched in order to assess the EU intervention and the achievement reached via the Action. The findings of the evaluation can be relevant to draw lessons to improve the design and implementation of other related EU projects and programmes.

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