Belep Islands are a small archipelago in Northern part of New Caledonia. Belep archipelago consists essentially of the Art Island whose capital is Waala and the small Pott Island, nearby. The entire population is divided into six clans around Waala.   The City Hall is currently carried out a development scheme for the Pott island, now uninhabited, and for the Southern part of the Art island in order to reduce the Waala' population.   The objective of this study was to define a global schematic with a planning for the implementation on the basis of a precise inventory and proposals for various scenarios detailing the conditions of implementation for each of the two islands. This was generally to determine the technical and economic feasibility of a energy power system of the Belep' Island for the future years. The large of the population is located in Waala, it has been necessary to determine an energy power generation system using renewable energy associated with a storage means of intermittent energy. The study has been focused on identifying solutions for renewable energy production and storage near Waala, then the system design the most relevant. To overcome the gap between electricity production from renewable sources and the actual needs, a storage system had to be studied. Finally, the economic viability of the solution has been studied in the overall cost while providing solutions for financing of the operation.    

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