The overall objective of the programme SWITCH-Asia II is to promote sustainable growth, to contribute to the economic prosperity and poverty reduction in Asia and to support the development of a green economy and mitigation of climate change in the target countries. The global objective of this assignment was to support the Commission to identify the project proposals that contribute best to achieving the objectives of the grant component of the SWITCH-Asia II Programme (Call for Proposals EuropeAid/154338/DH/ACT/Multi). The specific objective was to provide services to the European Commission linked to the administrative (data processing, ranking, and statistical follow-up) and the qualitative parts (technical and financial assessment of Concept Notes and Full Applications) of the evaluation procedure. The assignment took place in two phases for the assessors: • Technical and Financial Assessment of Concept Notes (CN); • Technical and Financial Assessment of Full Applications (FA); Each CN and each FA were assessed twice (one evaluation was carried out by one assessor of the team and one by one EC staff from EC Delegations). In addition, the Team Leader had to provide: • Allocation of the CN and FA to assessors; • Coordination of the work flow and the assessors; • Quality control ; • Assistance during the two Evaluation Committee Meetings (CN and FA stages) for the Team Leader ; • Data processing and production of statistics; • Technical and financial reports and Excel scoring tables for each step.

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