For several years, EU funded projects in the Windward Islands have aimed at implementing a diverse array of assistance in the fields of rural and social development, as well as economic diversification and private sector development. The EU delegation chose AETS to assess the impact of these cooperation projects having an impact on the competitiveness of the Windward islands, and the potential and possible gaps in promoting Renewable Energy (RE) and Energy Efficiency (EE) and the transformation towards a green economy. The 2-expert team provided decision-makers in the Governments of the respective countries, the Region and the European Union with sufficient information to: • Make an overall assessment regarding the past performance of the many projects, particularly their actual impact against the original objectives, and their sustainability (operationalisation and maintenance); • Identify key lessons and practical recommendations for the programming, design and formulation of initiatives in the Energy Sector in general and specifically to the Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency sectors; and • Support the transformation to a green economy.

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