Indonesia Climate Change Programme Loan (ICCPL) phase I was a three-year programme (2007-2009), supported both by JICA and AFD, to address Indonesia’s climate change mitigation, adaptation and cross-sectoral issues, by monitoring and supporting climate change policy reform of the Government of Indonesia (GOI) and thereby reduce risks arising from climate change. JICA and AFD evaluation departments chose AETS to carry out a joint evaluation of this project. This ex-post evaluation was expected to produce results with respect to two purposes: i) accountability in both donor countries, taking in consideration the level of funds committed to the climate change policy by JICA, AFD and GOI, and ii) capitalisation, i.e. how to draw lessons from the "pioneer" Indonesian experience, using a budgetary instrument to address climate change issues, both to improve future donor's support for GOI climate change strategy and for other partner countries strategies.

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