The 12 Member States that joined the EU in the enlargements of 2004 and 2007 have a wealth of knowledge in managing transition. The experiences of these countries during their transition process is particularly relevant for countries sharing a similar starting point, cultural or historic linkages, or a similar objective to join the EU or to come closer to it. In 2009, the Commission financed the preparation of a document compiling EU 12 experiences in managing transition. The result of this work was the European Transition Compendium (ETC), which was turned into an online interactive database in December 2011. In view of the renewed interest that the Commission Communication on EU Support to Sustainable Change in Transition Societies and the Commission's own internal planning to promote the use of the ETC database in different fora throughout 2013, the hosting of the ETC database was undertaken by the AETS consortium over an 8-month period until it was fully incorporated within the DEVCO internet page.

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