Reduction of technical and non-technical losses on the electical network is a common key issue for developing and emerging countries. In Tanzania, the utilities TANESCO and ZECO have the desire to substantially reduce the losses over the coming years.   That's why a contract between Millennium Challenge Account – Tanzania and AZOROM Ltd (Ireland), in association with AETS (France), for a technical and commercial loss-reduction study was signed on the 9th November 2010.    The project delivers a set of initiatives and plans which ensure a reduction of technical and non-technical losses from 24% to 18 % at TANESCO by 2013 and from 27.5% (i.e. excluding transmission losses) to 20% at ZECO by 2013. Short term measures which have been implemented during the course of the assignment deliver immediate benefits and set the utilities well on the way towards achieving the long term targets.

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