The global objective of EDC is to achieve the Government of Cambodia access to energy goal at the lowest cost (efficiency) while maintaining quality in the provision of electricity (reliability). EDC has to expand the transmission lines in order to transfer the energy produced from the power plants located in the west, south and north of Cambodia to the central provinces. The monitoring of the transmission grid through Energy Management System (EMS)/SCADA is important to improve an efficient transmission of energy (Volt Var Optimization in order to reduce losses) and to manage any disturbance that may arise on the network such as power swing. The energy consumption is increasing sharply, around 20% per year from 2011, Phnom Penh area representing the bulk of the sales (72%). A new DMS shall also be installed for Phnom Penh with new communication units and RTUs in order to limit outages. The objective of our assistance consists of a first phase in close collaboration with EDC, the authorities of Cambodia and the AFD to achieve: - A strategic plan for the modernisation of Phnom Penh's distribution network and Cambodia national transmission network, including lines, substations, automation (RTU and DCS), protection plans, SCADA / EMS and SCADA / DMS dispatching and communication systems; - A strategic road map for the integration of renewable energies on transmission and distribution networks nationwide.

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