The ECOWAS region faces rising energy security issues, continued lack of access to energy services and the need for climate change mitigation. In 2013, in their commitment to provide sustainable energy services in the region, the ECOWAS Heads of State and Governments adopted the ECOWAS Energy Efficiency Policy (EEEP), which aims to implement measures that will save up to 2000 MW of power generation capacity by 2020. In order to achieve the objectives of the ECOWAS Energy Efficiency Policy, several flagship initiatives were established, including the ECOWAS Initiative on Standards and Labeling, which aims to adopt region-wide standards and labels for major energy appliances and equipment. The overall objective of this initiative is to establish the minimum energy performance standards for energy appliances and equipment in ECOWAS region. The specific objective of this project is to develop two minimum energy performance standards for air-conditioners and refrigerators for ECOWAS region.

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