In Comoros, the electricity is generated from thermal power plants and generators, but there are also central micro hydroelectric plants at Anjouan and Moheli. The sectors financial problems are mainly caused by difficulties in collecting payments for invoices. Combining the constraints of insularity and small size, the three islands that make up the Comoros are specific areas particularly disadvantaged in terms of development and can be considered highly vulnerable because of their fragile environment, of their limited resources and modest economy. The Government has many objectives related to energy sector: energy self-sufficiency; fight against poverty; electrical access to all the inhabitants; development of energy efficiency and renewable energy; private sector development and transmission lines and to obtain affordable energy to balance the financial sector. The objective of this contract was to develop a national strategy for the development of energy efficiency to meet government objectives and the needs of the country regarding the effective management of energy resources. As part of the mission experts considered: • The improvement of institutional and sector management; • The development of renewable energy

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