For an insular network, the analysis of the integration capacities and the actual network parameters to evaluate the network stability and existing margin are essential to ensure that the stability of the network is not affected with increased in the integration of variable renewable energy systems. The objectives of the electricity company in Mauritius (CEB) were: - To have a perfect knowledge of the characteristics and constraints of variable renewable energy systems on the stability of its network - And The required settings for the PSS (Power System Stabilizer) and the network at large. The measurement campaign consisted of the installation of PMUs (Phase Monitoring Units) at various points on the network. This measurement campaign assessed: - The stability of the network of the CEB and the existing margins; - The possible frequency stability problems and measures to be implemented; - Stability of the power regulatory systems of production units (for example PSS - Power System Stabilizer) and make recommendations of required settings; - The impact of the integration of intermittent energies on the stability of the network.

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