The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS/CEDEAO) is a regional community of 15 states with a mission to promote cooperation and integration in all fields of economic activity. Only 30% of the ECOWAS population has access to energy in each country, with widely varying degrees of availability. To improve access and reliability of electricity in the region, the ECOWAS Heads of States and Governments agreed to adopt a regional approach for electricity with, inter alia, establishment of operating a transparent electricity trading mechanism, thus stabilizing tariffs and ensuring availability of electricity in each country. Consequently, in 1999, ECOWAS Heads of States and Governments established the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP/EEEOA) covering 14 of 15 ECOWAS countries (not including Cape Verde). The main objective of the WAPP is to guarantee a stable and reliable electricity supply at an affordable price to ECOWAS citizens by developing and coordinating the exchanges of electricity. ERERA (or ARREC in French) is the ECOWAS Regional Electricity Regulatory Authority leading the creation of the electricity market for 15 states. ERERA was established in 2008 as a specialized ECOWAS institution with the primary aim of regulating cross-border power trading among ECOWAS Member States as well as the development of the regional power market. The global objective of this assignment is to establish a functioning and regulated electricity market in the ECOWAS region. The specific objectives is to provide institutional and technical support to ERERA and to help ERERA in fulfilling its mandate; particularly - Assess the work programme and the activities of ERERA in particular related to the objectives stated in the regional project in order to update ERERA’s Programme of Activities 2014-2018 and develop a programme of support tailored to the needs of the organisation. This activity will include a thorough study of all existing work and regulations (including lessons learned from other power pools), interviews with the different stakeholders, close coordination with other organisations and in particular the EU (HQ, Benin, Ghana) and the WAPP. - Assist ERERA in the Implementation of its updated Programme of Activities (in particular procedures for dispute resolution and sanctions and creation and implementation of a tariff methodology between the different regional market players°.

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