In 1999, ECOWAS member states created the West African Power Pool (WAPP). In the framework of the development of this electrical market, the Regional Regulation Development Office (RRDO) was created to undertake the implementation of the Regional Regulation Body (RRB). The project to set up the RRB was launched in March 2006 with the objective of demonstrating the importance of the body in the field of regulation through certain regulatory actions, such as the present assignment awarded to AETS concerning the SOGEM. The OMVS system faced persistent difficulties in the implementation of sale contracts between Eskom-Energie Manantali (EEM) and the electricity utility companies of the 3 OMVS Member States that were involved in the management of the dispatching programme (respect of load profiles, management of system restoration, and spinning reserve etc). This assistance mainly aimed to: 1) Improve contract execution and commitments related to energy dispatching from Manantali within the framework of existing legal texts. 2) Verify the spirit of the protocols (tariff protocols...) and current methods (dialogue mechanisms and energy sharing) guiding the sharing of energy from Manantali are extended to the sharing of output from the stations under construction presently/ programmed in the medium term. 3) Set up and compare the adaptation schemes of structures of Manantali Interconnected Network (RIMA) in order to facilitate their integration with the regional electricity system.

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