SONATRACH TRC is a sub-division of SONATRACH responsible for pipeline transportation and is consequently in charge of the definition, realization, management, maintenance and evolution of the pipeline network and all of its related installations. With a capacity of more than 320 million tones oil equivalent (MTOE), SONATRACH TRC is responsible for the transportation of hydrocarbons (crude oil, gas, LPG and condensate), from production to storage areas, LNG and LPG complexes, oil ports and also importer countries. SONATRACH TRC operates 32 pipelines covering a total of 16 355 km, including pumping and compression stations. TRC also has 3 ports, hundreds of storage tanks and several sites with dispatching centres. The aim of this mission was to assist SONATRACH TRC with the implementation of its Geographic Information System (GIS). The service includes a diagnosis, a design study, the writing of specifications, the drafty of ToRs for the procurement of GIS and related database and a follow-up of the tendering procedure and the GIS tool’s deployment. The project’s scope covers all pipelines and related installations. This assistance was composed of 2 main phases and spread over a period of 30 months: • Analysis, conception and preparation: • Identification and collection of technical and geographic data thanks to an understanding of different TRC activities and working methods • Necessary generalization of data collection and analysis to highlight overall and specific functions of the future GIS • Geodesic data conformity • Comparative study of existing Oil & Gas GIS solutions • Change management • Assistance with the choice of the data model and in the definition of the organizational model • Acquisition and management of data. • Assistance and supervision of the deployment strategy • Use of adapted tools and methods • Supervision and reporting • Training.

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